Automatisme Régulation Télégestion

Latest achievements

2016 Swimming pools of Bobigny - Montreuil - Noisy le sec in the suburb of Paris

7 SAIA PLCs Eline range with webservers screens to control the pool area, AHU, boiler and various points control (350 inputs / outputs in total)

Résidence of 70 flats in SENS:

SAIA PLC with webserver display to control a boiler room with WATER-WATER heat pump and boiler fuel oil, remote control with ADSL router

2015 Conservatory of music of Gennevilliers (suburb of Paris) building of 4000 M2:

4 SAIA PCD3 PLCs with touch screens to control hot - cold production and 4 AHU with thermal wheel
70 LONWORKS terminal unit controllers for 4-pipe fan coil units with Bacnet gateway
6 Saia PCD1 PLC for controlling the lighting switchboards (1/3 - 2/3), the low voltage switchgear and 20 Modbus counters
DMX512 - Modbus Gateway for control of lighting auditorium, with scenario management, dimming of lights
Monitoring of all 10 PLCs in Bacnet IP (1900 variables), with electrical and heat consumption balances

2014 Hospital in the Picardy region :

8 SAIA PLCs controlling the hospital's DHW production (200,000 M2)
Programming BACnet variables from 80 Air Handling Units and 1000 fan coils to Panorama monitoring system

2013 11-floors office building in GENEVA :

500 MP_BUS Controls, 1000 blinds with dedicated SAIA modules, 1800 DALI lighting ballasts, distributed on 22 SAIA PLC PCD3 controllers
Lighting and blinds controls, based on data from the meteorological station on the terrace (wind, luninosity, outside temperature) and supervision schedules

2013 Aparthotel of 70 rooms in Bobigny (suburb of Paris) :

2 SAIA PLC managing air handling units with thermal wheel

2013 Extra-curricular St omer en chaussée (North of Paris) :

1 SAIA PLC managing heating-refreshing ceilings with Saia terminal controllers L793

2012 Low energy building - Headquarters of a construction company

(500 inputs / outputs distributed on 6 SAIA PCD3 PLC and 280 chilled beam)
Hot-Cold reversible Production by heatpump Climveneta of 400kw dialogue in Bacnet
AHU management and 280 Sbus chilled beam
Management of 70 counters Strong currents in modbus, ALE03 ALD1
Management of thermal energy meters in M_BUS distributed over the various plates
IP bacnet monitoring of all variables

2012 Retirement Home (Saint Gratien - North of Paris) :

60 Inputs and outputs distributed on 2 SAIA PCS1 PLCs
Boiler room, 2 Air handling units for kitchen

2012 Herblay Gymnasium (North of Paris)

40 Inputs / outputs controlled by 1 SAIA PCD3 PLC with SAIA touch screen in web server Heat pump management, AHU

2011 Amiens Hospital (North of France)

150 inputs / outputs distributed on 2 SAIA PCD3 PLCs with SAIA touch screen in webserver hot substations

2011-2012 Clinic in Maisons Laffitte (West of Paris) :

800 inputs and outputs distributed on 11 SAIA PCD3 PLC - Topkapi Building management system with Bacnet, Boiler room, Cold groups, 12 Air handling units, fault management and counters Modbus strong currents, management of 20 variable air volume boxes VAV Belimo for SUMMER / WINTER flow settings in the different rooms, with temperature compensation

Before 2011

Several hospitals, with boiler rooms, cold rooms, AHU operating theaters, such as:

Hospital of Créteil (South of Paris)

Hospital of Argenteuil (North of Paris)

Hospital of vendôme (Center of France)

Hospital of Robert Debré in Reims (East of France)

Paul Brousse Hospital at Villejuif (South of Paris)

And other projects in the field of climate engineering :

Town Hall of Argenteuil (North of Paris)

Nautical center of Sens (South of Paris)

Technical College Vauban at Auxerre (South of Paris)

Regiment of the Foreign Legion in Orange (South of France)

Moderate rent housing at Le Havre (Normandy region in North Western France)