Automatisme Régulation Télégestion

A particularly interesting example in order to renovate a simple boiler room, for a small residence, of 70 housing units

pcd1 m2110r1

In the previous facility 20 years old, the thermistors sensors could be kept (without having to empty the installation to change brass immersion sleeve), an the 3-point control valve too, to minimize renovation costs
A 7-inch touchscreen allows restricted access to the viewer's menus and alarms (250 in history)
The operator can act on all the settings, with a higher password, view the history of the temperatures over the last 15 days, consult the alarms (250 in history), and delete the missing ones.

Remote consultation of synoptics is possible, By secure connection, through an ADSL router

- It is then possible to receive one Consumption report in excel format , Weekly, monthly or yearly.
- Temperature readings can be sent directly by e-mail (CSV file).
- It is also possible to receive alarms by email on a cellular phone, taking into account the urgency of the alarm to call in a troubleshooting technician
- The final customer is not aware of the malfunction, due to the immediate retransmission of the fault

Here is a diagram of the corresponding primary production:

schéma chaufferie pompe à chaleur