Automatisme Régulation Télégestion

SAIA PLC programming


Based on the functional analysis validated by the customer, the automation and control program is established. The programming language used can be the Fupla (function blocks) (picture opposite), the list (instruction sequence as on Siemens S7), Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

A_R_T uses proven programs to perform all the functions of climate engineering, as well as specific algorithms in terms of regulation , Making it possible, for example, to obtain an accuracy of 0.2 ° C over a take-up temperature of Air Handling Unit (AHU), whereas many prominent installers can not achieve less than 1 ° C accuracy in comparable cases.
When it is known that 1 ° C too much ambient on an installation, can represent up to 7% of consumption, it is necessary to pay particular attention to this programming.


A systematic check of programs

Before each setting up of a PLC , The program is tested in simulation as a whole, which reduces the errors to the possible input addressing errors.