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Typical BMS system architecture

typical BMS architecture

In a conventional BMS system, (Eg PCVUE, PANORAMA, etc ),all PLC variables, use a exchange table with communication standart as Modbus TCP, Bacnet, Lon etc

It is a centralizing system, which requires the production of a exchange table, for each PLC and which is more greedy in development time.

Webserver BMS system architecture

 webserver architecture

It is a concentrated system , with inside PLC:

- Automation and control programs.
- Monitoring with web pages.

This webserver architecture allows a 30% time saving in programming, since all the variables (temperatures, return of states, setpoints, inputs, outputs) required for the display on the supervision pages are natively available in the web page creation software.

The communication via Internet can be done via secure VPN connection.
Changes in operating programs or synoptics can be done remotely, avoiding costly displacements.