Automatisme Régulation Télégestion

The SAA PCD3 controller: a concentrate of automation, regulation, and communication


The following PCD3 controller allows:

- Optimal connection of inputs via sub-modules and space saving in the control cabinet thanks to compact cabling.

- Programs of automation and regulation in list, Sequence Function Charts, function blocks (FUPLA).

- Communication according to the main protocols, Ethernet, Modbus, Bacnet, MP_bus with belimo VAVs, M_Bus for certified counting, Lonworks, KNX

- A local web monitoring with touch screens or remotely via Internet via secure connection (VPN).

- An email alert to a mobile phone, a computer connected to the internet.

- Consumption reports directly viewable in Excel, and sent by Email or file transfer, to any computer on the local or remote network, with a fixed IP address.

- Remote modifications, programs or synoptics operating without moving.


SAIA pcd1

The SAIA PCD1 controller in general view and without its protective cover (bottom) allows the same functions as the PCD3 controller, but with a smaller number of inputs, making it more economical for

SAIA pcd1 configuration

The individual controller SAIA L600


The communicating controller shown here L600, placed in false ceiling, allows to regulate a fan coil, to control the lighting.

Touchscreen webpanels

SAIA PCD7.WEBPANEL A tactile display allows the follow-up of the installation, by visualizing web pages programmed and personalizable.
This display is directly connected to the PLC via Ethernet or Modbus link.