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The new SAIA PLC range Eline

The new Saïa automaton corresponds to a new range of PLCs and remote input / output modules: The Eline range

This Eline range is especially interesting for its remote input / output modules . Indeed, these remote input-output modules can be connected by bus on an existing Saïa PCD controller.
Eline PCD1G5000 The significant advantage of these input-output modules is that they are compact, directly plugged into a 35 mm rail .
The electrical wires are connected by cage terminals . Another advantage is that the digital or analog output modules can be forced locally by a pushbutton or a potentiometer.

At any time, users can use their forcings for emergency troubleshooting. (Forcing of a valve, variator, control of ventilation or lighting)
Output forcing information can also be used by the process to disable certain automations and generate warning alarms. These input modules can then be combined with the smallest Saïa PCD1 controller, to fulfill all the automation and control functions of a boiler room, Air Handling Units, or lighting in a electric switchboard.
This combination with PCD controllers makes it very competitively priced, while allowing visualization via Web Server or BMS (Modbus or bacnet).

Eline PCD1_M2220

In addition to this new PCD1 Eline controller, the Modbus communication port is retained, and it is possible to manage communicating or terminal controlers ! All webserver functions are preserved, as well as the possible addition of a Bacnet or Modbus card, which makes it possible to have a highly competitive price automaton to realize a small automated and remotely manageable application, in the field of climate engineering, lighting control, power consumption or monitoring of Modbus equipment etc.